If you can’t find your tickets, the easiest thing to do is to log in then click on Orders at the bottom of the page. You can then click the Print Tickets button for the order of your choice.

Please email support with your questions if they are not answered above or below.

NOTE: All tickets are printed from your own printer or sent via MMS text message. No tickets are mailed. There is no need to print your tickets If they are sent via text to a smartphone.

You can log into your account from any computer with a printer at any time and print your tickets by going to "ORDERS" and then click "PRINT"

No, they are not valid unless they have a bar code. It is most likely your security settings. Here is how to fix. Log into your account. Go to "orders" at the bottom of the page. Click on your order. You will see your tickets on the screen. Instead of clicking the large "Print Ticket" tab, go up to "file" in the upper left corner of your browser. Click it and it will drop down, and press "PRINT" from there. This should take care of it.

If not, email for help. We have also just added a feature to print a PDF file that will enable people to have a second option to print their tickets.

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