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Online Ticket Sales

Online Ticket Sales

Hassle-free ticket buying experience: quick and easy online purchase process optimized for mobile devices and larger screens. Our convenient delivery options include print at home as well well as our innovative txt-a-ticket technology which delivers scannable tickets directly to your cell phone in a text message.

Online Ticket Sales

Custom Venue Websites

All ticketed events come with a venue/event home page with artist images and bios. For a more customized page, we can create a custom webpage that blends in perfectly with your existing website for a seamless ticket buying experience. In addition, we can build and host a custom website designed for your venue.

Online Ticket Sales

Ticket Revenue Payouts

Sticking with our principle of keeping things simple for you, the ticket seller, we process all credit card payments through our system and direct deposit funds to your account immediately after each event. For larger events with long lead times, payments can be sent earlier so that you can cover expenses.

Online Ticket Sales

Powerful Seating Options

Reserved Seats, Custom Table Seating, General Admission, and just about any other option you can think of can be easily configured in the Outhouse Tickets platform. Small intimate nightclubs, large coliseums, outdoor festivals with VIP tents… you name it, we can configure it. We do all the work, you just tell us what you want!

Online Ticket Sales

Box Office Sales

Complete box office solutions to sell tickets on location. Accept credit cards or cash, print tickets, and manage sales all within the same system. We provide ticket printers, workstations, credit card scanners and can even provide box office staff, ticket takers, and security to man the event for you!

Online Ticket Sales

Marketing & Promotion

Selling more tickets is important. Outhouse Tickets has integrated with, Eventful, and other event listing sites to automatically get the word out about each event. We also send out periodic emails to our database of previous customers about events in their area as well as posting all events to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. We even have a “Buy Tickets” app for your Facebook page!

Online Ticket Sales

Getting People Through the Door

The last thing you want is a bottleneck at the door the night of your event. Each ticket has a unique barcode that can be scanned with our iPhone or Android Ticket Scanner apps as well as with our industrial strength handheld wireless scanners. All scanners are provided free of charge! If your event is out in a pasture somewhere with no internet, our handheld scanners have the ability to work without internet and validate each ticket through the gate.

Online Ticket Sales


You want to know how many tickets you have sold at all times. You can easily log in to see a summary of tickets sold or drill into detail to see how many of which type, who each ticket buyer is along with their email, zip code, and other information, as well view events by venue, date, or artist if you are managing multiple events and locations.

Online Ticket Sales

Other Services

  • Need tickets printed on ticket stock and sent to your location? No problem, just let us know how many
  • Need sponsor logos printed on tickets? You guess it.. No problem, just send us an image
  • Need production and booking services? Our staff has decades of experience in event production and management and would love to work with you
  • If there is something else you need that we didn’t cover, we probably do it and just ran out of space to list it, so contact us and let’s work together

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