Van Darien
Sometimes it takes stepping away from what you know to gain a new perspective and appreciation for where you came from. That's the journey that Van Darien found herself upon after making the move from her home state of Texas to Nashville. After forging her path as an artist and enduring a slew of life challenges along the way, she became nostalgic for the people and places that she left behind. This deeply personal journey of growth, reflection, and discovery is the driving force behind her introspective debut record Levee. 

Since first cutting her teeth in the Texas music scene as a teenager, her influences have been plucked from an array of genres, from country-folk icons like Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark to edgy rock and indie acts like The War on Drugs and Metric. Each of these acts share a common thread of expert storytelling and lyricism that is audibly woven through Van Darien's own output.