Ross Cooper
By looking at Ross Cooper, you might think that he is just a cute kid with a guitar trying to make it in an industry where cute kids with guitars are pretty much a dime a dozen in this day and age. By LISTENING to Ross Cooper, you will hear that this "kid with a guitar" is the real deal! Don't let the cool haircut and mischievous smile fool ya! Ross Cooper has a sound that is well beyone his years. And the songs that he writes are real and relatable. From happiness to anger to love to heartbreak, Ross Cooper uses these emotions to his advantage. The outcome? Truly powerful songs that you will find yourself singing along with while saying ''I've been there". (Headcase anyone?)

Ross Cooper is not only phenomenal at putting ideas on paper. He is also an excellent performer and singer. Go to one of his live shows, and you won't be disappointed. You will see an artist who doesn't fit into just one single genre. Is he country? Is he alternative? Americana? Who knows? He just somehow "fits" in all of those genres...and that is what makes him the true Texas artist that he is. Remember the name Ross Cooper because this "kid".......and his guitar are here to stay.