Garrett Bryan and the Traveling City Committee
What is a committee if not a group of people who collectively collaborate ideas? Somewhere between the meanings of said word, family, and gypsy, this band of many quirks has adjourned into the Americana scene with 2 full albums and the respect of their peers. ? Frontman and head of the committee, Garrett Bryan, began his music career at a really early age. Somewhere between the blues-infused water of the delta—Bryan’s birthplace of Natchez, Mississippi and the mid-shin region of “the boot” where Garrett grew up in Concordia Parish, Louisiana in the late 90’s, the great Percy Sledge was in town. During the song “When a Man Loves a Woman” Garrett Bryan knew what he wanted to do. As an early teen, Garrett’s family found their way to Callahan County, Texas. Since forming the band in 2018, they have recorded three studio albums and have played on countless other projects—individually, and collectively as a backing band. Garrett who can now wear the “hat” of “producer”, began producing fellow songwriters. He now stays busy between tour dates and bouncing in and out of different studios producing other projects.