Elaina Kay
Elaina Kay was raised in what’s known as "Texoma". Wichita Falls, Texas, just shy of the Oklahoma border, she grew up in the home of "red dirt" on a ranch where her family ranched, farmed, and trained horses for a living. She always had a passion for outdoors and the cowgirl lifestyle. However, her dream started in her garage. Her older brother, Andy, was always playing in bands as a teenager. His bands played tunes from The Stones, The Beatles, The Temptations, Pearl Jam to George Strait, you name it, and Elaina Kay was the un-brushed, blonde headed little girl singing along word for word. In high school she joined the choir, but hated singing about nothing she cared about. "Because I had somethin’ better to say." So she started writing songs and picking the guitar with some of her "Ag" class buddies. “I think I've always written in some form or fashion, it’s my escape, my home life was never stable."