Darby Sparkman

With the grit of the native West Texas dust in her songwriting and the beauty of a High Plains sunset in her voice, Darby Sparkman brings together honesty and strength to each moment she shares with others. Born and raised in a part of Texas that straddles the past and present as much as it crosses from the Red River to the Rolling Plains, Darby has collected enough stories, moments, heartache, and love to bring her truth to audiences across the country. While as comfortable in front of festival crowds as she is in a dimly lit dive bar, Darby truly shines when given the opportunity to fill the air with her uniquely beautiful melodies and hauntingly authentic words. But don't let the honesty of her heartaches fool you, Darby can raise hell with the best of them and has songs waiting for each occasion. Sometimes the elements come together and create a perfect storm. Awe-inspiring in its beauty and its strength. That is Darby. And what she will leave each person with after she graces the stage is the glow that only a rainbow can leave behind.