Cody and Brandi Johnson

Cody and Brandi Johnson

Who are Cody and Brandi Johnson? To the world, they are becoming a country music powerhouse. 

Cody is famous for his singing talent, remaining true to his convictions, expressing the realness of his daily life through music, and his deep love for God, his wife, children, country, and people. 

Brandi is the rock behind the man who keeps him steady, who loves deeper, and prays more for Cody than anyone can imagine. She is the safe place her family needs to rest, revive, reconnect to their roots. She is an incredible mother, mate, friend, worshiper of Jesus Christ. 

They are a normal everyday, not-so-perfect family who just happened to be known by many people. 

Cody’s gift as a country music artist has brought him many accolades from many sources, but it is his roots that keep his heart and family grounded. Being raised in a small East Texas town, his country roots are steep in his relationship with Jesus, family, hunting, fishing, being outdoors, living free, and passion for excellent music. 

Because of this, Cody is not a taker but a giver. His desire to give whatever he has to people who need it more is fueled by Brandi’s equal dedication to the same selflessness. Cody’s love of hunting and their desire to bless their church and community has generously and quietly opened doors to offer help where and when they can. 

In 2017, the couple offered to help raise funds and awareness for a ministry at their home church by donating their time and talent to a yearly fundraiser gala. The ministry has since been renamed Three Cross Meat Ministry. It is dedicated to providing high-quality protein to residential organizations and food banks, so people can get the help they need and fight food scarcity in southeast Texas, where the need is great. Although the ministry had been a part of Lone Star Cowboy Church since 2004, it was then that it took off and began to grow. 

Protein is the most expensive part of a grocery budget for everyone. Knowing the source of that meat personally ensures the receiver is getting meat too costly to purchase at a store for the low cost of processing the animal or for free. And for the Johnson’s, donating wild game, purchasing animals at their local county fair to donate the meat personally, and helping to raise money for Three Cross Meat Ministry, is not just their way but is who they are as people. 

During the early days of the pandemic, Lone Star Cowboy Church was a food distribution location once a week for semi-loads of food. Never one to miss an opportunity to give, Brandi showed up in their old farm truck, the girls in the back seat strapped into their car seats, requesting an entire pallet of food boxes. She then drove back to her community and went door to door to give each family a food box. That is dedication! 

Since then, Brandi has joined the Advisory Team for Three Cross Meat Ministry and is actively helping to direct where this ministry will go in the future. Although Cody’s fame has at times been limiting to where he and Brandi can go, it has not stopped them from interacting personally in their community nor from spreading the love of Jesus to the people they serve.