Buckshot Bradley

“San Angelo sits right on the edge of the west Texas oil fields where you can almost hear the crude bubbling up from deep under. With it comes music influenced by the economic realities of the area. One such group singing about oil in west Texas is San Angelo’s very own four-man band called Buckshot Bradley. Their debut album Pumpjack, is a project the band will begin recording soon. The title of the new CD says it all for the members of the band and their music. The title track, “Pumpjack” describes the scenery in west Texas. “What’s that smell? Well it’s money,” the song’s first verse tells us about all those pump jacks sucking black gold out of the ground. The lyrics then take us to a meeting with a girl "down at a pump jack," throwing back Shiner beer (“when I’m broke, it’s Keystone Light”), all the while “sitting too close to someone’s daughter.” The original songs lead singer Clete Carrillo writes describe the angst of a young man dreaming of making it in the music business on the Texas country circuit while remaining close to his roots in west Texas. He uses chord progressions that keep each song moving along, like a train, as he tells a good story sprinkled with local humor.” by Texas Music Live "Buckshot Bradley finishes album containing 15 in your face songs! Lead singer Clete Carrillo, raised in the small towns of West Texas, really captures the life style he has grown up to love! If you have never watched a live performance, you have no idea what you are missing! With Adrian Blanco's smooth guitar licks, Robert Raney's driving bass along with San Angelo's very own stylish drummer John Gill, the way this band feeds off each other leaves you knowing you got your moneys worth! Its a must see to believe! Recently they just added another guitar player Kyle White to the band!